Progress Report #2

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” — John Donne

It’s been a pretty rough week in the field of writing. Progress has been extremely slow, but I’m not discouraged. Any sort of progress, I feel, is good progress. Sometimes, regardless of how dedicated we our in our aspirations and our craft, reality rears its head and life gets in the way. Still, I don’t think we can’t just shut ourselves up and hide from life and the world around us, regardless of how productive that would seem. Even though life can wear us down, life is what we as writers draw our inspiration from. We can’t just cut ourselves off from our inspiration, no matter how much it would affect our page count. The moment we trade life for productivity is the moment we experience our downfall.

So, even though it’s not a lot, I’m still happy that there is something to report.

Maiden Flight of the Firebird – work-in-progress

Page Count – 66 (no progress)
Word Count – 37248 (no progress)

Untitled Short Story – work-in-progress

Page Count – 5
Word Count – 3342

I apologize for the small amount of news, but at least it’s something of note. Perhaps later, there will be more exciting developments to report. Until then, see you next week, readers.


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