“E pur si muove. [And yet, it moves.]” –Galileo Galilei [disputed]

Is the concept of Christianity really only a series of rules and customs that we follow only to give some sort of meaning to our otherwise dull and dreary lives? The outside world seems to think so, and after so many years of being beaten down, many Christians adopt this mindset as well.

However, I prefer to look at it this way.

Being a Christian and delving into the Word of God is like stargazing. At first, You happen to glance up every now and then. All you see are small, white dots in blackness, and what is a few dots compared to the gleam of street lights, big-screen televisions and movie screens? Stars are so ordinary. You see them every day.

But one day, you find yourself alone, someplace where the flicker of modern technology can’t reach your eyes. Someplace where there are no more distractions, and reality hits you like a bolt of lightning. East, South, West and North, you can see nothing beyond the scope of your arm’s reach, and all you can do is look up. Your eyes have become accustomed to the darkness, and what was only a handful of white dots has now become hundreds, maybe even thousands. The black sky reveals the blueish streak of clouds and the heavens have exploded in light. Off in the distance, the full-moon has revealed its glow and you can see each and every crater marking its surface.

Then, everything is put into perspective.

Each and every one of those small, white dots is a sun just like ours. Each sun possibly has its own set of planets and moons. You can only see a fraction of the stars in the sky, and there are likely billions more stars out there. Out of all the planets and all the suns, God cares about us, a tiny speck in the universe. Even though mankind constantly spits in His face and openly mocks Him, He wants His creation saved and returned to Him. He wanted us saved so badly, that He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sakes.

But why would He do this for us? We have nothing to offer Him. We’re nothing. Lower than dirt. Who would want to save us when we can barely see anything good in ourselves?

Apparently, He does.

As you take it all in, slowing down your hectic life for the first time in decades, you realize that this magnificent display was created for you, but you were too blinded and stressed out to see it. Upon going back home, you realize that televisions, movie screens street lights, computers and cell phones seem so dull now because you’ve witnessed true brilliance.

Every Christmas Eve, when I can get away from the holiday hustle and bustle, I look to the starry winter sky and remember the gift we were given over two thousand years ago. Whenever the world seems to be closing in on me, I read the Word of God and stargaze. Suddenly, everything seems so towering and myself so small, but I know that I am counted among His beloved, and at the same time, I am mightier in Him.

Whenever you feel alone in the world, take time to look and truly observe the world around you. The Creator’s fingerprints are everywhere if only we take the time to see them.

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